The Mortgage Bankers Association, by WEI Mortgage Corporation

WEI Mortgage Corporation proudly associates with the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) as its advocate in Washington, DC. More than 2,400 companies maintain ties with the MBA; members include banks, mortgage lenders, insurance companies, and other institutions. The MBA offers publications and meetings to enhance communications and knowledge among its members. It strives for providing affordable housing access for all Americans and for financial literacy.

Research comprises one of the most vital services of the MBA. It conducts ongoing surveys of market conditions, such as loan applications and foreclosures. Other survey topics include industry compensation, originations, and loan maturity.

CampusMBA provides educational opportunities for MBA members, enabling them to adapt to rapid changes in real estate. Classes include compliance with regulations; leadership; and capital and secondary markets. CampusMBA provides the courses online and at members’ offices, and confers the prestigious Certified Mortgage Banker designation.

WEI Mortgage Corporation now provides customized mortgages for the special situations of individual homeowners.


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